Service – Week 03-2021 Workspace ONE Updates

  • Important VMware KB Updates
    • Announcing SaaS Availability of VMware Workspace ONE UEM Console 2101 Cloud Only
      • VMware Workspace ONE UEM Console 2101 Cloud Only is GA as of January 22, 2021
      • 2101 rollout to Shared SaaS environments will begin in the next couple of days and Dedicated SaaS customers may begin scheduling their upgrades immediately.
      • Please note that this is a Cloud Only release.
      • What’s new?
        • Integration with compliance broker service for conditional access.
          You can now sync the data from Azure if any changes have been made to the Device Partner Compliance page in Intune and Re-sync to sync UEM device data to Azure.
        • A better way to update and manage your new application versions.
          Your internal application version number can now have a 4th decimal field which makes it easier for you to upload new application versions.
        • Prioritize selected products and move them to the “front of the line”.
          You can prioritize selected products, moving them to the “front of the line” and upload them to relay servers ahead of other products. This means prioritized products are installed on devices before non-prioritized products.
        • Check out the updated Encryption Profile with enhanced support for native BitLocker encryption for Windows Desktop.
          We have updated our support for BitLocker to include the escrowing of recovery keys. If the drives cannot restart on your Windows 10 devices, Workspace ONE UEM has a recovery key for each drive.
      • Full release notes:
    • VMware User Group (VMUG) – Virtual Event
      • The VMUG Virtual EUC Day will deliver a highly interactive, 3-D virtual environment. Join us to connect with several VMware experts, EUC vendors, and fellow community members at this FREE, one-day online event.
  • Week 03 Software Updates
  • Component: Workspace ONE SDK SWIFT
  • New Release: 21.1
  • Changes:
    • We’ve enabled support for Check In/Check Out in the Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift) so that third-party-SDK built apps can detect secure and reliable check in and check out activity.
    • We’ve updated the OpenSSL version used in the Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift) to 1.0.2x.
  • Release Date: 21.01.21
  • Release Notes
  • Component: Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Windows
  • New Release: 21.01
  • Changes:
    • HUBW-959: Remove old versions of apps from SFD cache
    • HUBW-102: Migrate reboot and baseline notifications to HCF
    • HUBW-4071: BitLocker sample enhancements
    • HUBW-963: Port SFD functionality to managed code
    • HUBW-4198: Address app scan vulnerabilities
  • Release Date: 22.01.21
  • Release Notes: upcoming
  • Component: Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for macOS
  • New Release: 21.01
  • Changes:
    • Support for “Reinstall if Removed” flag for macOS Apps in Freestyle Orchestrator (requires UEM 2101+)
    • Ability to re-run a single Sensor from Device Details (requires UEM 2101+)
    • Migration to newer Keychain API’s to eliminate intermittent macOS keychain prompts
    • Update of Python to 3.9
    • Update of munki to 5.2
    • Bug fixes
  • Release Date: 22.01.21
  • Release Notes: upcoming

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