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Thank you for navigating to my Blog. You’ll find here news and updates around VMware Workspace ONE. The content in this blog doesn’t necessarily represent VMware’s positions, strategies or opinions. While Best Practices or Product related information are described in some post on this blog, they may not apply to your individual customer setup or be error free. In case of doubt, always engage your VMware contact.

Featured and latest Posts:
Service – Week 22-2023 Enduser Computing Updates
Service – Week 21-2023 Enduser Computing Updates
Service – Week 20-2023 Enduser Computing Updates

Enrolling a Realwear HMT-1 in Workspace ONE UEM
2022 – The Year of [offline] VDI?
Meta Quest 2 – XR Hub 22.11 Beta – ConQuest 2.0 Fling
Workspace ONE XR Hub 22.11 Beta – Managed Configurations
*NEW* Demo Video: Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense – MITM Attack
The Workspace ONE VR Experience, Part3: Pico Neo3 Pro and XR Hub 0.75
Workspace ONE XR Management – Testing Oculus Quest 2 Enterprise Enablement (German Version)
Workspace ONE XR Hub – The Future of Work?(German Version)
A First look at: Apple 2021 Updates(German Version)
A First look at: Android 12(German Version)
Looking Forward to 2021 – A small Outlook(German Version)
VMware Workspace ONE – 2020 A Year in Review — (German Version)
VMware Boxer – Delegated, Shared and Multiple Managed Mailboxes
End User Computing News of Week 46 — (German Version)
Reporting: The Workspace ONE Excel Add-In — (German Version)
Workspace ONE Device Management Modes — (German Version)
Workspace ONE – Techzone, KB, Docs – When do I use what? — (German Version)
What is the „Freestyle Orchestrator“? — (German Version)
Changes with Android 11 and Workspace ONE — (German Version)


I hope you’ll enjoy the posts and that they have some useful content for you. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or comment the post.


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