Workspace ONE – Techzone, KB, Docs – When do I use what?

Enterprise mobility and end user computing at Windows and macOS level are more dynamic than ever. There are monthly updates for the client apps, in the backend in the Workspace ONE UEM area, a new release is usually also made available every month. While the trend towards SaaS deployments has reduced the workload for backendContinue reading “Workspace ONE – Techzone, KB, Docs – When do I use what?”

What is the „Freestyle Orchestrator“?

If you look at the concept of how “things” are assigned to devices in Workspace One, you get the impression that not much has changed about this concept in recent years. The concept of smart groups or assignment groups has existed for many years and has proven itself as a “universal filter”. We leave outContinue reading “What is the „Freestyle Orchestrator“?”

Was ist der „Freestyle Orchestrator“?

Betrachtet man das Konzept, wie „Dinge“ in Workspace One an Geräte zugewiesen werden, bekommt man den Eindruck, dass sich an diesem Konzept in den letzten Jahren nicht viel geändert hat. Das Konzept der Smart Groups bzw. Assignment Groups besteht seit vielen Jahren und hat sich als „General-Filter“ bewährt, den Vorläufer „User Groups“ lassen wir hierContinue reading “Was ist der „Freestyle Orchestrator“?”

Changes with Android and Workspace ONE

A few weeks ago in September 2020, Google released Android 11. While major operating system updates of this type have always had a certain impact on enterprise customers in recent years, the leap to Android 11 is very large in certain use cases. Less from the user side, more about the way the devices areContinue reading “Changes with Android and Workspace ONE”

Driving the Digital Workspace

Scope of this Blog is the Digital Workspace, primarily powered by VMware Workspace ONE, as I’m working as Technical Account Manager at VMware. In my role, I’m in touch with a number of large (German) Enterprise Customers on the one hand side and with state of the art Digital Workspace Technology driven by Workspace ONEContinue reading “Driving the Digital Workspace”