Week 12-2023 VMware Enduser Computing Updates

Release Updates Week 12

VMware Horizon 7 7.13.3

  • VMware Horizon 7.13.3 includes bug fixes and hot patch rollups
    • 2784578 : Users could no longer log in using UPN. They could only log in with Domain\UserName.
    • 2872296: The VDI ends up in an agent unreachable state. Review of the logs shows that the agent is unable to initialize the Java Virtual Machine.
    • 2876932: End user requests from the client take a long time to display Global assignments on the Horizon Client in a larger environment.
    • 2895550: Problem with domain enumeration. Certain domains keep ‘dropping’ off the list of available domains.
    • 2900002: Unable to install agent from an ISO image as part of the software installation method.
    • 2916762: Generic users without a password cannot log in from the HTML client.
    • 2916826: Full clone machines were unexpectedly deleted from automated pool. VM still shows in ADAM and vCenter but not in Horizon Console.
    • ……

Heads-UP: VMware doesn´t support “Back-in-time” upgrades. So Horizon 7.13.3 can only be upgraded to Horizon 8.x versions that are released after Horizon 7.13.3. Please refer to the documentation

VMware Horizon Client for Windows 5.5.6

  • Horizon Client for Windows 5.5.6 includes support for Windows 10 22H2 and bug fixes.

VMware Horizon Client for Mac 5.5.6

  • Horizon Client for Mac 5.5.6 includes bug fixes.

VMware Horizon Client for Linux 5.5.6

  • Horizon Client for Linux 5.5.6 includes bug fixes. Horizon Client for Linux 5.5.6 aligns with the VMware Horizon 7 version 7.13.3 release.

VMware Horizon HTML Access 5.5.6

  • HTML Access 5.5.6 includes bug fixes. HTML Access 5.5.6 aligns with the VMware Horizon 7 version 7.13.3 release.

VMware Workspace ONE Access Cloud March 2023

  • Diminished functionality of unsupported VMware Identity Manager Connectors
    • In the March release of Workspace ONE Access Cloud, any environment that is using unsupported Connectors will no longer be able to create, edit, or delete directories. To continue the functionality of all features, a supported version of the Workspace ONE Access Connector must be in use. Every customer is strongly encouraged to migrate to the latest Connector as soon as possible.
    • The ability to synchronize pre-existing directories will continue to function for both scheduled and on-demand syncs. More information can be found at https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/90808.
  • Refreshed Workspace ONE Access Navigation Pages
    • We are adding new navigation pages to the Workspace ONE Access console that were refreshed with an up-to-date design. The following pages have a fresh look and feel.
      • UEM Integration page
      • Directory page
      • Identity Provider page
    • The Auto Discovery and Terms of Use pages were removed as they are related to the Workspace ONE App that reached EOL. Information about the Workspace ONE App EOL can be found in the April 2022 release notes.

VMware Workspace ONE Hub Services March 2023

  • Introducing Roles Based Access Control with Notification Target Audience PermissionsIn the Admin Roles tab of the Hub Services console, super admins can now define and restrict the target audiences that admins can send notifications to. Super admins can choose whether to grant admins full or custom access to Organization groups, Smart groups, Workspace ONE Access groups, and platform target audience types. Admins who are granted limited target audience permissions will be able to only view, take action on, and send notifications to those target audiences. This allows super admins to limit admin permissions and ensure that admins are only able to send communications to groups that are relevant to their division, role, or region.End of Life of Digital Badge (formerly Passport) on March 30th, 2023Digital Badge (formerly Passport) has reached its end of life on March 30th, 2023. For more information, please refer to this KB article.

Workspace ONE Boxer for Android 23.03 (staged rollout)

  • Quality improvements and crash fixes

Important KB Articles and Announcements

Please note: KBs may get updated after being referenced here. Please always follow the link to the original post in kb.vmware.com

Modernization Update: Consolidated Modernized Services for Hosted SaaS (91520)

  • In June 2022, VMware updated its description of the Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) cloud service offering, as set forth in the VMware Cloud Services Guide. Latest version of the VMware Cloud Services Guide is available here: https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/agreements/vmware-cloud-services-guide.pdf. Going forward, VMware plans to simplify and improve our newest cloud services by consolidating them into a modernized design. As part of this effort, the isolation of service communications and data storage of newly modernized services will be handled within the Workspace ONE application layer instead of the current model where isolation is the primary construct of the infrastructure layer. Additional context on this design change is provided in the Data Security section below. 

Discontinuation Notice for Unsupported VMware Identity Manager Connector (90808)

  • This article is intended to be a notice for an upcoming change that will discontinue the functionality of all unsupported VMware Identity Manager Connectors that are versions and earlier. This will be a two phased approach. In the first phase, a change will take place on or immediately after March 15, 2023 in all Workspace ONE Access hosted tenants. When the first phase takes effect in March, Workspace ONE Access tenants with and earlier Connectors no longer will be able to create, edit, or delete directories. The second phase will happen on or immediately after April 15, 2023 and this change will completely cease all functionality of legacy VMware Identity Manager Connectors.  

High Priority KBs

  • [Action Needed] – Refresh Old Android Enrollment QR Codes
    VMware is making changes to enhance the security posture of cloud-based endpoints related to this enrollment method on March 1st, 2023. As a result of this change enrollment using some older QR codes may fail. As a resolution, new QR codes will need to be generated as replacements for affected QR codes.
  • VMware Workspace ONE UEM New Control Plane SaaS Deployment Schedule (86243)
    Workspace ONE UEM has undergone a complete re-architecture to modernize the platform using microservices and containers to enable increased scalability and performance and increase the rate of innovation. Now after having conducted significant and careful testing, these architecture updates, including a new control plane, will be deployed to UEM SaaS environments over the next several weeks, with options available to on-premise customers after this roll-out (Later in 2022).
  • Support Access Policies for Customers with Expired SaaS EUC Licenses (89494)
    In alignment with VMware’s Corporate Standards and those of the industry as a whole, VMware customers who have purchased SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) licenses for EUC (End-User Computing) products can expect the behavior outlined in the KB regarding Support access when their subscription has a status of Active Pending Cancellation or Expired/Cancelled.

Recently updated or added KBs (Links)

Digital Workspace Techzone, Blog and YouTube Updates

3rd Party Blog Updates & Industry News

March Software Releases

SystemComponentReleaseAnnouncementRelease Date
WindowsTunnel Win102.2https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/services/rn/VMware-Workspace-ONE-Tunnel-for-Windows.html08.03.23
iOSWorkspace ONE SDK SWIFT23.03https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/services/rn/VMware-Workspace-ONE-SDK-for-iOS–Swift-.html16.03.23
Horizon Client for Windows5.5.6https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-Client-for-Windows/5.5.6/rn/vmware-horizon-client-for-windows-556-release-notes/index.html21.03.23
HorizonClient for Linux5.5.6https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-Client-for-Linux/5.5.6/rn/vmware-horizon-client-for-linux-556-release-notes/index.html21.03.23
HorizonClient for Mac5.5.6https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-Client-for-Mac/5.5.6/rn/vmware-horizon-client-for-mac-556-release-notes/index.html21.03.23
HorizonHTML Access5.5.6https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-HTML-Access/5.5.6/rn/vmware-horizon-html-access-556-release-notes/index.html21.03.23
BackendWS1 Access SaaSMar 2023https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-Access/services/rn/vmware-workspace-one-access-release-notes/index.html23.03.23
BackendHub Services SaaSMar 2023https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE/services/rn/hub-services-release-notes/index.html23.03.23

Latest Patch & Seed Script Versions

  • OS Updates Seed Script
    • Most recent update: iOS 16.4.0 (20E246) tvOS 16.4.0 (20L497) iOS 15.7.4 (19H321) macOS Ventura 13.3.0 (22E252) macOS Monterey 12.6.4 (21G526) macOS Big Sur 11.7.5 ( ..
    • Last Update: CW12
  • Seed Script for latest Device Model Information
    • Seed Script for latest Device Model Information … Seed new ipad pro models for 2022 … iPad Pro 11″ 4th gen iPad Pro 12.9″ 6th gen
    • Last update: CW01
  • Workspace ONE UEM 21.09
    • Patch Level:
    • MACOS-3603: macOS – Add support for new released hardware in January.
    • Last Update: CW10
  • Workspace ONE UEM 21.11
    • Patch Level:
    • MACOS-3612: Added support for new hardware released Jan 24.
    • Last Update: CW11
  • Workspace ONE UEM 22.03
    • Patch Level
    • RUGG-11791: Policy Engine stuck on environments without processing items in queue
    • AMST-38263: Improve products delivery for newly enrolled devices
    • Last Update: CW09
  • Workspace ONE UEM 22.06
    • Patch Level
    • AAPP-15484: Beacon sample should trigger Device Info sample but should not save OS data.
    • FS-2502: Unable to delete Internal applications.
    • FCA-204873:Wipe protection emails are not sent to the listed Admin email address.
    • AMST-38340: Antivirus and Firewall status are periodically failing
    • Last Update: CW11
  • Workspace ONE UEM 22.09
    • Patch Level
    • AMST-38366: Seed 22.06.20 SFD to UEM console.
    • AMST-38395: Gateway throttling for managed apps sample.
    • ARES-24728: Android App publish failed with dup key violation on dbo.#AppdeploymentStatus’.
    • AAPP-15380: Credentials fail to save profile on re-publish.
    • AGGL-13792: [UEM Console – Google] Some Pixel models are inconsistently mapped to a different model causing incorrect Smart Group reconciliation.
    • AGGL-14043: Unable to upload Calculator application from internal apps section.
    • AMST-38341: Antivirus and Firewall status are periodically failing
    • Last Update: CW11
  • Workspace ONE UEM 22.12
    • Patch Level
    • UM-7885: CN URL is shared with VMware Identity Service to call API end-point.
    • ARES-24750: Terms Of Use list view inaccessible and Terms Of Use reporting shows inconsistent results.
    • FS-2747: Conditions are not evaluated with macOS Freestyle.
    • ARES-24780: Data corruption while loading data from table.
    • AMST-38397: Gateway throttling for Managed Apps sample.
    • CMCM-190373: Unable to download managed content uploaded to CDN from UEM console.
    • CMEM-186787: MEM O365 test connection failing due to missing environment name for existing configuration.
    • AMST-38368: Seed 22.06.20 SFD to UEM console.
    • Last Update: CW12

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