Week 09-2023 VMware Enduser Computing Updates

Release Updates Week 09

Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS 23.02

  • In-app Tunneling
  • With this feature, VMware Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS can use the VMware Tunnel SDK functionalities in a BYOD environment using VMware Workspace ONE Hub.
    • To start the VMware Tunnel SDK for Workspace ONE Boxer, the administrator must set the custom SDK setting in Workspace ONE UEM console as follows: {“BoxerShouldStartTunnel” : true}
    • To use VMware Tunnel SDK for modern authentication, the administrator must set the account level KVP, UseUIWebViewforOAuth setting in the Workspace ONE Boxer Assignment page to true.
  • Delegated Accounts Improvements
  • SDK version upgraded to 23.01
  • Quality Improvements

Workspace ONE Launcher for Android 23.02

  • Customization of Launcher UI Text
    • As part of our continued efforts to make Launcher customizable, we are introducing a new feature that will allow administrators to rename certain text fields on Launcher UI  
  • Bug Fixes

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for iOS 23.02

  • Improvements to the Support tab
    • We are introducing more changes to the Support tab to help users understand their device status better.
    • This release includes better clarity on the Device Details screen for a user’s current device with a new section called Connections.
    • Connections show the status of the connections to the services that make Intelligent Hub function properly. The wording has been made more concise for end users to understand what the services are for.
    • You can pull down to refresh the statuses for the Connection screen.
  • Adding deep link capabilities to “For You” and “Support”
    • Deep links for the For You tab and Support tab are here! Please use the below to deep link to these sections in the Hub app
    • Broader support for QR codes in TOTP
      • We are bringing broader support for additional services like Okta and Google TOTP codes.
  • Bug Fixes

Workspace ONE Boxer for Android 23.02 – staged rollout

  • HTTP Support Deprecation
    • Improved security
    • If an organization is using HTTP connections, then the organization must replace the HTTP connections with secure connections as HTTP support is deprecated for Workspace ONE Boxer for Android.
    • For more information about deprecation of HTTP support, see this knowledge base article.
  • SDK version upgraded to 23.01
  • SDK 23.01 introduces a Share logs option when the user is not able to authenticate in the Workspace ONE Boxer Server URL/ GroupID screen and Username/Password screen.
  • Intelligence User Flows Improvements
  • Accessibility Improvements
  • Quality Improvements

Important KB Articles and Announcements

Please note: KBs may get updated after being referenced here. Please always follow the link to the original post in kb.vmware.com

Best Practices for Deploying Android Tunnel for Zero Touch Configuration (90976)

  • Customers make use of the Workspace ONE Tunnel solution for a number of use-cases spanning remote workers, access to internal applications and resources, as well as mobile SSO. Whether utilizing Tunnel for frontline workers using check-in / check-out or for users with persistent devices, there are a few recommendations for how to deploy Tunnel for Zero Touch setup.
    This article applies to the Android Tunnel configuration for the MDM workflow. This article does not apply to the Standalone enrollment workflow.

Upcoming changes to APNs for Applications for On-Premises Workspace ONE UEM (91116)

  • Workspace ONE Productivity apps on iOS receive push notifications using APNs through Workspace ONE UEM. The certificates necessary to deliver these notifications need to be renewed every year that requires administrators of On-Premises environments to run a database script provided by VMware, before the expiry to avoid any disruption

M1 MAC Monterey OS 12.2 editions and late show Blurry/Pixelated Texts While Using Non-Native Resolution (88823)

  • Connecting to VDI desktops through Horizon Client on M1 MAC [Monterey] shows pixelated texts on VDI. This issue occurs only when users using non-native resolution on externally connected monitors. Issue does not happen when we use HTML access from same MAC client Issue can also occur while using RDP Client Application or RDP through Horizon Client Application. 

High Priority KBs

  • [Action Needed] – Refresh Old Android Enrollment QR Codes
    VMware is making changes to enhance the security posture of cloud-based endpoints related to this enrollment method on March 1st, 2023. As a result of this change enrollment using some older QR codes may fail. As a resolution, new QR codes will need to be generated as replacements for affected QR codes.
  • VMware Tunnel Proxy End of Support Life Announcement (87345)
    VMware is announcing End of Support Life for the Tunnel Proxy component of the VMware Tunnel solution. This will be effective January 30, 2023.
  • VMware Workspace ONE UEM New Control Plane SaaS Deployment Schedule (86243)
    Workspace ONE UEM has undergone a complete re-architecture to modernize the platform using microservices and containers to enable increased scalability and performance and increase the rate of innovation. Now after having conducted significant and careful testing, these architecture updates, including a new control plane, will be deployed to UEM SaaS environments over the next several weeks, with options available to on-premise customers after this roll-out (Later in 2022).
  • Support Access Policies for Customers with Expired SaaS EUC Licenses (89494)
    In alignment with VMware’s Corporate Standards and those of the industry as a whole, VMware customers who have purchased SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) licenses for EUC (End-User Computing) products can expect the behavior outlined in the KB regarding Support access when their subscription has a status of Active Pending Cancellation or Expired/Cancelled.

Recently updated or added KBs (Links)

Digital Workspace Techzone, Blog and YouTube Updates

3rd Party Blog Updates & Industry News

February Software Releases

SystemComponentReleaseAnnouncementRelease Date
HorizonWindows Client2212.1https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-Client-for-Windows/2212.1/rn/vmware-horizon-client-for-windows-22121-release-notes/index.html#whatsnew09.02.23
WindowsTunnel Win10 (standalone)3.3https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/services/rn/VMware-Workspace-ONE-Tunnel-for-Windows.html16.02.23
macOSMac OS Tunnel (standalone)23.01https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/services/rn/VMware-Workspace-ONE-Tunnel-for-macOS.html16.02.23

Latest Patch & Seed Script Versions


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