Meta Quest 2 – XR Hub 22.11 Beta – ConQuest 2.0 Fling

The Workspace ONE XR Hub is coming closer and closer to General Availability. Recently, Beta 22.11 was launched, which is also the first Release Candidate. The biggest and most exciting change is that deploying XR Hub is no longer requiring to deploy the XRHubClientConfig.json via a Provisioning Package. The App Settings can now easily be configured via Android Managed Configurations while assigning the App to devices with Workspace ONE UEM. I highlighted the details in my previous post.

Another highlight for the Meta Quest 2 is the release of the ConQuest 2.0 Fling, which got a complete UI overhaul and a couple of new setup options.

The required steps to get things up and running are explained directly on the Fling website [HERE].

I added a Gallery to demonstrate the process of running through the Fling. A couple of explanations are following directly after the Gallery:

The Fling is running quite nicely in my setup using a Windows 11 PC. Different to the previous release, directly after launching ConQuest, I was asked to allow / enable USB Debugging. At least in my case this was previously always a hurdle as I had to kill the adb process once or twice.

A very nice new config option is that you can define which release of Intelligent Hub is going to be installed, also the path to adb can be customized, which was not required in my case.

The general installation process of Hub and preparing the Quest 2 runs fine, in my case I was just running again in the issue that not all account were removed properly, which is also highlighted as potential issue in the Fling instructions. The quick fix remains the same: When being stuck for a while in the ‘Authorize’ step with no visible progress, pull the cable from the Quest once to force an error in the Fling. Reconnect the cable and click ‘Run’ again – the Fling will complete with no further issues.

One last small challenge / experience when configuring accounts in the ‘UEM Credentials’ option: In my setup I’m using an Azure AD integration with Workspace ONE Access auth. When going for an automated enrollment, Hub seems to support UEM authentication only. So you may use a basic account or directory account with direct UEM authentication to avoid this problem. However, even Access Auth is no real issue as you simply type in username/password for (in my case) the AAD account and continue the enrollment.

Once done, everything happens in the background as usual and XR Hub can be launched with no issue:

Last but not least, I also tested Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense on the Meta Quest 2 to see how it works on this device. It’s pretty similar to the experience on the Pico Neo 3 Pro (the Hub integrated version is not working due to AOSP Mode – the Lookout for Work (L4W) App as alternative is not causing any issues). L4W detects the expected problems on the device as seen in the screenshots.

Until Meta Quest has launched the new Enterprise/Business program, the ConQuest Fling is a good alternative to make a Meta Quest 2 Enterprise ready. The new UI including the new configuration options are great enhancements, ConQuest 2 runs very stable and is not causing problems and last but not least, also the XR Hub 22.11 allowing direct configuration through the UI is more than welcome.


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