Service – Week 07-2021 Workspace ONE Updates

  • Important VMware KB Update & Enduser Computing News
    • Android 12 – First Developer Preview launched
      • Google has launched the first Developer Preview of Android 12
      • Impact and changes are reviewed and will be outlined in a ‘Getting Ready for Android 12’ KB Article in the next weeks
      • First information available here.
Developer Previews 
Beta Releases 
Final Release 
  • Unable to install apps via MDM on macOS 11 Big Sur (82642)
    • Some customers are unable to deploy the following types of applications on macOS 11 Big Sur
      • Intelligent Hub (automatic installation post-enrollment)
      • Bootstrap Packages
      • Apple Business Manager (VPP) apps
    • The above apps are deployed via native MDM commands – InstallEnterpriseApplication and InstallApplication. Apps deployed via Internal Apps are not affected, as long as Intelligent Hub is already installed on the device.
    • Customers using the Require admin password to install or update apps key in a macOS Restrictions profile will be affected by this issue.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Freestyle Orchestrator (81163)
    • This article addresses the frequently asked questions about Freestyle Orchestrator (announced at VMworld 2020).
    • Covering What is Freestyle Orchestrator? What platforms does Freestyle Orchestrator support? Are there additional infrastructure requirements to use Freestyle Orchestrator? Will Freestyle Orchestrator be available on-premises? When will Freestyle Orchestrator be available? 
  • AAGNT-190546 – Android Intelligent Hub loses communication with Workspace ONE UEM (81459)
    • On some devices, the Android Intelligent Hub application loses communication with Workspace ONE UEM and becomes unable to take any further administrative actions on the device. When the user opens the Intelligent Hub application, they are prompted to enter their Server URL or Email Address as if they were about to enroll the device. However, the status of the device in Workspace ONE UEM is Enrolled, and the Last Seen time stops updating.
  • HTTP/2 – Apple APNs Support For Workspace ONE Windows Servers – Cipher Suites, Registry Keys (81286)
    • Certain failures may indicate lack of supported Ciphers Suites for HTTP/2 clients on (Windows 8.x and Windows Server 2012 R2) or (Windows 2016) environments. These may include the following:
      • HTTP/2 APNS “test connection” fails in UEM console following upgrade to supported console version for HTTP2/APNS communication.
      • Apple devices stop receiving valid APNs traffic Workspace ONE UEM following changes/updates to Windows server environments 
      • Legacy Windows Server environments are missing supported ciphers for HTTP/2 clients by default.
      • On-Premise iOS/iPadOS enrollment fails with error 9003
  • Enduser Computing Breakfast Sessions
    • We are running a series of 45-minute sessions on VMware Enduser Computing, and we’d love you to join us.
    • 45-minutes, over 4 days, starting at 8:00am, from the 16th-19th March.
    • Our bite-sized briefings, lead by Joe McDonald & Matthew Evans, have been devised to allow you to join, discover and learn in a short, immersive experience, all the current business & market trends + challenges, that could help to provide insight into your own EUC Digital Workplace direction. 
      • Day One: Employee Experience
      • Day Two: Modern Management
      • Day Three: Virtual Apps and Desktops
      • Day Four: Intrinsic Security Sent from my iPhone
  • CRSVC-10236: Enable Compromise Device Status Details is disabled in Workspace ONE UEM Console 2011 for iOS/iPad OS Devices
    • Workspace ONE Admins utilizing console version 2011+ cannot view Compromise Device Status Details for iOS/iPadOS devices. Support for this feature was added  in VMware Workspace ONE 2011 release
    • The proposed resolution may vary based on your deployment architecture and console version.
    • Please review the KB for the relevant information.
  • CRSVC-18259: Windows updates may adversely impact Workspace ONE UEM functionality including secure channel communication
    • Any workflow where Workspace ONE UEM needs to load or generate a certificate or private key is impacted. This can manifest as failures in the following workflows:
      • Android device communication with Workspace ONE UEM
      • Apple device communication with Workspace ONE UEM
      • Workspace ONE (AirWatch) SDK applications’ ability to receive configurations from and send information to Workspace ONE UEM
    • This issue has been linked to an update to .NET Framework released on Nov 19 2020 and included in a cumulative update to Windows dated February 9, 2021.
  • Week 07 Software Updates
  • Component: Email Notification Service (ENS) v2 OnPrem
  • New Release: 1.10.1
  • Changes:
    • In this release, we’ve made a few updates containing general quality and performance improvements with no new features. 
    • ENS-4515/ENS-4522: Performance improvements to address high CPU load.
    • ENS-4572: Dynamically optimizes the multiprocessor utilization by the ENS application based on the installed environment.
    • SINST-175828: Increase in the SQL Server connection pool size to better accommodate ENS database access patterns.
  • Release Date: 18.02.21
  • KB Notes
  • Component: Workspace ONE Access OnPrem
  • New Release: 20.10.01
  • Changes:
    • The patch release addresses the deployment issues for deployments with no outbound access to the internet
  • Release Date: 17.02.21
  • Release Notes
  • Component: Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Windows 10
  • New Release: 21.01
  • Changes:
    • We removed old versions of apps from the Software Distribution cache.
    • We consolidated reboot and baselines messaging to notifications.
    • Check out the new BitLocker sample enhancements.
    • We’ve ported the Software Distribution functionality to managed code.
    • We addressed app scan vulnerabilities.
  • Release Date: 18.02.21
  • Release Notes
  • Component: Workspace ONE UEM
  • New Release:
  • Changes:
    • Patch Update
  • Release Date: 16.02.21
  • Release Notes

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