Service – CW46 Workspace ONE Updates

  • CW46 Software Updates
  • Component: Workspace ONE Intelligence
  • New Release: Nov 12th
  • Changes:
    • Introducing Searchable Actions.
    • When defining parameters for an Action in Automation Workflows, you can choose from a list of supported values based on what is configured for your integration. For example, you can select a supported Application Name in Workspace ONE UEM, instead of using its identifier.
    • We’ve added Workspace ONE UEM Actions to Automation Workflows.
      • Delete Device – Deletes a device record from Workspace ONE UEM.
      • Enterprise Wipe Device – Removes management and corporate settings from an enrolled device.
      • Reprocess Product – Initiates a reprocessing of a Product Provisioning product job by the policy engine. It supports a reprocess action and a force reprocess action.
  • Release Date: 12.11.20
  • KB-Reference
  • Component: Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for iOS
  • New Release: 20.10
  • Changes:
    • MDM Enrollment via Safari View Controller in Hub  The MDM profile download is now performed in a Safari View Controller that is embedded in Hub. This allows the end-user to remain in the Hub app and not have to flip to Safari to download the profile. This comes with a guided experience to ensure the end-user understands which steps to take.
    • Updated Experience of Remote View  The Intelligent Hub app simplifies the end user enablement of Remote View session. When presented with a push notification, end-user will be able to accept the start of the screen sharing session. If accepts, the Broadcast Picker will appear with Intelligent Hub as pre-selected option.
    • Dropping iOS 11 Support  Hub’s minimum OS requirement will now be iOS 12.2+. For more information, refer KB article here.
  • Release Date: 11.11.20
  • KB-Reference
  • Component: Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS
  • New Release: 5.23
  • Changes:
    • Important: Due to customer feedback regarding the change of deprecating the AppForceActivateSSO Key (where moving forward, Boxer will act like this key is always on as well as requiring an SDK passcode). The team has decided to hold this change until the end of the year.
      • With this extra time, we are giving customers, we need you to read this KB article to ensure your security stays in place. See
      • If you have concerns with your use case/your company is not able to migrate over this, please reach out immediately to to discuss your use case with our team.
      • This is the last extension and this change will be in full effect at the beginning of next year.
      • Beta versions of 5.23 and going forward will act as if AppForceActivateSSO is enabled so that you can test. Generally Available versions will not have this change until next year.
      • To get access to the beta, see
    • Clear contacts cache
      • We bring the ability to clear your contacts cache which can be found in Boxer’s Advanced Menu. This shows up when composing an email or searching for contacts. This new functionality will allow users to clear the cache so that frequently contacted contacts will no longer show up.
    • Swipes update
      • As part of our continual improvements, we have updated the swipe gestures to show new icons and better feedback when using the swipe gestures.
    • Forward your own meetings
      • You now have the ability to forward meetings you have created. Previously you had to edit the invitees to add additional attendees
    • Exclude Signatures from OneTap Dialing
      • We are updating OneTap dialing with the ability to ignore phone numbers that are found in signatures. To enable this, use the below configuration
        • KVP: AppExcludeSignatureFromEventParsing (bool)
        • Value: true (default value is false)
    • PIV-D supports Modern Auth + Certificate Based Authentication
    • Dropping Support for iOS 11: As outlined in:, Boxer is dropping support for iOS 11 now that iOS 14 is available.
  • Release Date: 11.11.20
  • KB-Reference
  • Component: Workspace ONE Boxer for Android
  • New Release: 5.23
  • Changes:
    • Shared Accounts
      • We are happy to announce support for Shared Mailboxes and Shared Calendars.
      • Setup is the same as delegation except on the admin side, “Send as” permission should be given instead of “on behalf of”.
      • Please make sure to see the admin guide for all requirements.
      • For more information, see the Boxer Admin Guide topics on Shared Mailboxes and Shared Calendars.
  • Renamed the event removal button from “Delete event” to “Cancel event” for events created by the organizer.
  • Pinch to Expand the Calendar
    • A user improvement we bring to the calendar is the ability to pinch to zoom to expand the calendar on day and week views of the calendar. This helps if you have a lot of short meetings on top of each other.
  • Email Classification for Shared and Delegated mailboxes
    • To help out users if they have questions regarding Boxer, we have included a link to Boxer’s user guide. This can be found in Boxer Settings -> Other -> User guide.
  • Removal of Evernote
    • We have removed the Evernote integration that existed in Boxer.
    • If you have not heard of this, it is because it had been disabled for enterprise enrollments.
  • Swipes Update
    • As part of our continual improvements, we have updated the swipe gestures to show new icons and better feedback when using the swipe gestures.
  • Release Date: 11.11.20
  • KB-Reference

  • Component: Workspace ONE Content for Android
  • New Release: 20.10
  • Changes:
    • Updates to user experience across the app, including new repository icons and grid styling.
    • Updates to Microsoft Office and PDF viewer. 
  • Release Date: 11.11.20
  • KB-Reference

  • Component: Xamarin SDK Plugin for Android
  • New Release: 2.1
  • Changes:
    • We’ve updated the Workspace ONE SDK Plugin for Xamarin to the latest Workspace ONE SDKs.
      • Workspace ONE SDK v20.10 for iOS (Swift)
      • Workspace ONE SDK v20.9.1 for Android
    • We’ve added support for Xcode 12.
    • We support Unmanaged App Detection
  • Release Date: 12.11.20
  • KB-Reference

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